Thursday 17 November 2022

Old Man Thompson - Tales from the Arbour


Old Man Thompson was a prolific songwriter based in Scotland. Although he moved around the world and lived in many locations, he eventually came to rest in the great Kingdom of Fife in Scotland. The family home at Gable's End is now the location of the song archive that houses Old Man Thompson's entire recorded output - mainly on old tapes and cassettes.

From time to time his estate release newly digitised copies of his songs, posting them online for friends an family to enjoy. You will see from these initial releases that OMT was always at pains to reflect the natural environment in his songs and music, drawing in particular, on the time spent in his latter years at his beloved Gable's End with his partner Gretchen Blunt.

Here is an example track, visit the Old Man Thompson Bandcamp page for more recordings and info.


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