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Songwriting Workshop at Falkland

A very cold and frosty Sunday in December 2018 saw a group of shivering songwriting talents arrive at the workshop space in Falkland's  Centre for Stewardship . It was truly chilly outside but we soon had a roaring fire going and things began to warm up in no time.  After the obligatory round of coffee, welcomes and introductions I presented the group with a bespoke PowerPoint presentation on songwriters and their words of wisdom covering everyone from Jimmy Webb to Carol King and beyond. Next, I introduced the 'seven stories' concept and some of the basic ideas behind narrative songwriting techniques. To demonstrate this I showed how I had come to create the Dundee Back Stories Songbook using a year of local newspaper headlines and I went into some detail on the the creation of one of the resulting songs - Deadline Carriageway   the terrifying tale of an errant gritter wagon at rush hour! After lunch everyone proceeded to find a quiet(ish) space to hone o