Birkhill Art Group and Gallery - B.A.G ²

We are very proud to share here the inaugural exhibition of the newly opened B.A.G² gallery here in Birkhill Estate and it is with great pleasure that we welcome artist Gretchen Blunt to exhibit her collection of massive watercolour paintings and sculptures. The work is entirely site responsive and draws its inspiration entirely from the environs of Birkhill Estate itself where Gretchen spent several months walking and sketching in preparation for this show. No one can deny the arresting impact that these substantial works confront us with.

On the opening night a select invited audience were enchanted, not only by the work on display but also by the impressive space that the new gallery provides for the housing of such huge works, some of which are as much as 6" long and 3" high. As you can see from the photos of the night, we had a very good turn out and many of the attendees promised to be back for our next exhibition - which will be announced in the near future.

As co-director of B.A.G² I must report what a great pleasure it was to host Gretchen Blunt - Field System and also what a pleasure it was to work with such a well established and talented artist. Our gallery staff have been fantastic in supporting the installation of this exhibition and we are very much indebted to their sustained efforts over the last 6 months bringing the finished gallery to fruition.

We do hope you enjoy the small sample of images presented here but please be sure to visit the gallery website for more details about Gretchen Blunt and forthcoming exhibitions. Thank you.

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