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What Is Magic Today Shall Be Science Tomorrow

Below is an essay I wrote as part of my Masters Degree in Art, Society and Publics.  It accompanies a cassette release of music created using the bamstick and was printed on a scroll using waterless lithography and screenprinting. It was a limited edition of 15 housed in recycled tin cans. I gave them all away.  What is Magic Today Shall be Science Tomorrow When T. C Lethbridge published Ghost and Divining Rod in 1963 the world was reverberating with the shockwaves of socio-seismic activity. John Kennedy murdered, the Cuban missile crisis narrowly averted, the appearance of The Beatles first album and most importantly for myself, the transition from amniotic cocoon to dislocated consciousness. As these momentous global events unfolded Lethbridge was busy scrutinising the liminal world of energetic resonance at sites of pre historical significance taking measurements with his para-scientific apparatus to reveal the sources of invisible energy vortices, all findi