Saturday 13 July 2013

A Dundee Psychogeographic

Recently I returned to live in the area where I was born and raised. After many years living in various parts of the British Isles and a stint in Canada my young family and I have returned to the east coast of Scotland. I am a much changed man from the one who walked these streets some 30 odd years ago. Now I'm putting together bits and pieces drawn from my creative spectrum in new ways.
Here is an example. Assuming the role of the flaneur I took to the streets of Broughty Ferry with my phone cam. It's tricky to get lost in a town this size, but it's still possible to observe things that have previously passed by unseen or un-noticed. I've attached a soundtrack played on the homemade 'bamstick' bass using the usual EHX Hazarai and Holy Stain machines. played in one live take...onto cassette this time. My hope is to create a little time capsule for myself and my sons to look back on in years to come and remember the days we lived in 'The Ferry'.

Here's another longer one.

My eldest boy Hughie filmed this one as I tramped up Camphill Road with his brother in the pram, me passing the time with happy imaginings of playing music and making art ...all too rare commodities in the life of this father. I love Camphill Road. One day I want to live in one of the big houses up there and look out over the Tay estuary and Broughty Castle below. Sweet Dreams.