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Adventures in Un-popular music with a Boss Micro-BR

I got myself a BOSS Micro-BR last year mainly because I was all out of space in my house. The arrival of son number 2 meant that my creative space was relegated to a plastic box which had to be opened and setup then put away again after every creative session...what a drag. So away went all the FX boxes, wires stands, leads and mics and out came my little studio in a fag packet size container. A miracle of modern music tech with all its built in FX and input options. Anyway, with no more than a guitar and a home made bass (more on that later) I fashioned a super swish if not rather cheesy in places, collection of er 'pop' type songs. No stylistic straightjacket for me thank you very much. There's everything on here from soul funk to rock and soothing ballads. Of course I didn't dare put my own name to it so I requisitioned a moniker from the hero of a wonderful book called 'The Moon and Sixpence' by Somerset Maugham which sets the willfully creative tone fo