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Tablehooter - Constraints Aid Creativity

Some years back I decided it was time to re-connect with the pleasure of music making. One day I realized that this was something that I had lost along the way, subsumed perhaps into the screen based DAW activities that seemed to dominate the compositional process. It occured to me that most of my time was spent staring at progress bars, twiddling and fiddling with an infinity of plugin settings and generally not feeling very satisfied by any of it. Worse than all of this was the dawning realization that it sounded pretty much like every other DAW inspired composition out there. Welcome to the homogenization of music, made in the box. In a desperate bid for musical enjoyment I made the bold decision to pick up an electric guitar, buy myself some fx pedals and stop looking at any screens whilst playing my instruments. With computers safely out of the way I was able to connect with the visceral, immediate and spontaneous joy of creative sound. To put ones real physical being into the

Tablehooter Casio and Guitar Session

A long minidisc loop session, painstakingly edited down into individual segments for you to observe how I layer up my silly tunes..of course I left on the guitar rock out section at the end...well just a bit of it. Inneresting.