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My kind of bicycle

Why has it taken so long for someone to combine retro good looks and an engine on a pushbike ? Steampunk beautiful mini cafe racers. Well done guys. Imperial Cycles Inneresting

Knob twiddlers gazette

Creative music machinery, studio engineering, production, boxes with knobs on, valves, transformers, classic golden age production stories, interviews, studio secrets of the pros, gear reviews, wild tales, microphones and soooo much more. And did I mention it's gratis. Sign up now and get this wonderful free geek mag through yer letterbox. Addenda : sadly the print version is no longer available but you can get the ipod app that delivers it to your device for a small fee. here: Innerested ?

Thinking about John Martyn

This is a wee thing I wrote just after John died and emotions were running high. Just wanted to share it here since he's been on my mind of late. It's been a week since Iain McGeachy left planet earth and it feels to me a bit like losing a friend. Although I never met him, to me he was one of those people who are just always 'there' in the background of your life, almost taken for granted day suddenly they're gone and you realize what they meant to you. John Martyn's songs first worked themselves into my psyche as a teenager when I was in the throws of emotional turmoil and wonderment. I used to go and see him play live all over the country, wherever I moved to (and I've moved around alot) he would always appear at some point to play a gig, be it solo, duo or with his unceasingly excellent band. As a result, each song I listen to acts like a catalyst bringing a person or s

Classic Tracks for Anoraks

Being a bit of a recording nerd, I often wonder how the songs I have known and loved were recorded. I've read and heard lots of reports about the Beatles and how the mighty George Martin shaped their sound on 4-track tape machines..incredible really...The whole drum kit only had a single track and sometimes it was shared with other instruments too. I have also had the pleasure of playing around with the multi-track masters of some of the Sgt Peppers tracks and the magnum opus of Queens Bohemian Rhapsody..all 24 tracks of it. For those of you who don't know, these recordings were leaked onto the Internet as unmixed multi track recordings....(have a look on the torrent sites)...remixing them oneself feels like tinkering with the crown jewels or some other national treasure. Amazing to hear how the tunes were constructed and to hear all the little bits that didn't make it onto the final mix, realizing that John Deacons bass part has 3 whole tracks to itself and that the sna