Jan Sochor - his camera never lies

Thanks once again to the excellent Baroque Dub site for putting me onto these stunning photographs. One of the images that really struck me (the one of the old man sitting on the ground with his guitar) made me wonder about it's origins, and underneath it I found the link to the extraordinary photo blog of Jan Sochor.
Here is a brief bio from Jan's site ;

"Jan Sochor, freelance photographer & media designer.

He was born in the Czech Republic but he is changing his base between South America and Europe frequently, he lived and worked in Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Spain and the Czech Republic in the last five years. America has become a major theme for him since then. He focuses on documentary projects trying to show and tell about the (Latin) American continent, its everyday life, social, political and cultural issues."

(scary guys eh?)

Just take a look at these sets of images, they are some of the most beautiful, compelling and grittily real photographs I've seen in years.




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