Bill Drummond at the end of recorded music.

Long-time music biz maverick and arch provocateur, KLF founder and original thinking Scotsman Bill Drummond famous for amongst other things..the burning of one million great british pounds (see video below), "The Manual" or (how to have a number one hit the easy way) available here, recently recorded a podcast/lecture on the death of recorded music.
The lecture is a fascinating potted history of recording plus an extended Drummondesque projection into the future. Thought provoking stuff and I would say a positive and heartening message for music makers everywhere..(except the major record company darlings who sell squillions of they really still exist?..hands up Robbie and Madonna). The whole thing weighs in at around 23 minutes so have a listen sometime when you can relax with a cuppa and absorb the message. Thanks should also be extended to Tom Robinson for all his posts on the excellent site, a veritable wealth of helpful information and advice for aspiring musical types wishing to assail the walls of the 'industry'.... to be honest, as an ageing singer/songwriter I'm not sure I can really be bothered with all that polava anymore, heck my music is already public domain and you can enjoy it for nothing...I reckon live music is where it's at or should I say, where it is going...rock on.

listen to the lecture here
(it's a bit slow to load but give it time)

Here's Drummond and Jimmy Cauty talking about the burning of the million quid, funny how upset some people get...I love it.



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