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I love this site, the good chap who runs it is obviously a very decent and generous fellow who wants to share his love of 'dub' with the whole world. Not only does he give away his most excellent mix tapes of eclectic dub sounds, he also provides a huge resource of sound samples, midi riddims, and a great database of links to all things musically cool including audio plug-ins and music sites of interest to the aspiring dub fiend. He also welcomes mixes that you've made using all of this stuff. He must also be a modest fellow because it took me ages to find his name anywhere on the site...Jerome Di Pietro "cheers Jerome great site!"

So what is dub? Well based on my years of listening to and loving the likes of Misty In Roots, Aswad (New Chapter of Dub), Eek a Mouse, Prince Fari and Black Uhuru I used to think it was something to do with reggae and yes it is but these days it has also broadened out to encompass many other musical forms and happily begs borrows and steals wherever it can fusing it all together through the use of loops and delay. It can be anything from uber mellow atmosphere to pumping sub-bass noise terror. Dub is also quite 'trippy' and 'chilled out'. Take my advice and go and download one of the mix tapes, stick it on while you're going about your'll help to gee you along nicely.

for the mix tapes go here:

home page here:



baroquedub said…
Thanks for the kind words Emil. I really like this blog - the Folkstreams site is a great find and that GigPig also reminded me of my first drum kit (only mine was made from cardboard boxes salvaged from a local supermarket!)

And there's some lovely music on your mySpace - plucking lovely indeed! I couldn't agree more about getting rid of the recording equipment... seems the only way for a musician to free themselves to their creativity - we shackle ourselves with worries about sound quality when all that really matters is the integrity of the emotions going to tape (or minidisc!).

All the best for your inner restings. Dream on :)
Emil Thompson said…
Cheers Jerome and thank you for your fab mixes!
Nice to know someone is reading.

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